Hello my name is Argilio, I am from Punto Fijo, in the state of Falcon. I study laws in Maracaibo at urbe. I also like cars and love to play paintball.

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2007

Punto FIjo

Is a small city, located in the peninsula of Paraguana, which is almost completely surrounded by the Caribbean sea, and the beaches in there are really beautiful. Because of the size of the city, there is only a couple of malls where you can go and have fun, but prices there are really low!


Is a beautiful city, but really unsafe, is also really hot, but is big and people in here are really nice and fun, everybody love to hang out and you can make good friends here in no time. The fairs in here are cool.

An artist description (Gaby Espino)

She is really beautiful, she is tall, have medium dark skin, black hair, dark eyes. She is a really good model and actress.

A friend description

Manuel is my roommate, he is tall, he has white skin dark eyes and curly black hair. We always hang out with our friends at the apartment, he is really cool.


I’m medium height, thin, I have white skin, dark eyes and straight black hair. I’m good looking. I’m outgoing, and I like to hang out with my friends.


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